Isikhova Media is a fully integrated media company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
We are a team of savvy thinkers, smart doers and together people.
We like to challenge the ordinary!
We’re authentic, passionate and ideas-led.
We love what we do, and we do it well. And we’ve been doing it since 2000!


The strength of the individual and a sense of family makes this boiler room work. We slay dragons for you whilst finding time for a cup of tea.

Imraan-Managing Director

Imraan Mahomed

Managing Director

Imraan’s choice of who he’d like to swap places with for a day is Michael Schumacher, and like this legendary F1 driver, he certainly sets the pace with his own team.

His winning 18-year Isikhova Media formula is people-driven with a sincere, honest and mutual respect for both the team and company’s clients.

New ideas and projects make his eyes gleam and when coming to fruition, his favourite saying never fails to emerge: “Awesomeness!”.

The team wonders about his desire for bell bottoms to make a comeback!

jason-brand strategist

Jason Aarons

Publishing Director

An IDEAlust, Jason’s greatest survival skill is his sense of humour which borders the sublime, ridiculous and bizarre; while his ‘go to office energiser’ is his “work family”.

He is inspired by the “cauldron of creative media magic” the team brings to the workplace. One of the original co-founders of the company, he has four-decades integrated media experience and is a strong proponent of networking which embraces his life philosophy of “be a mensch.”

He is an ardent Asterix and TinTin fan and loves cheesecake and technology with equal enthusiasm.

joanne-art director

Joanne Brook

Creative Director

“Be Bold or Italic. Never Regular,” is Joanne’s mantra. And it’s with the same unique and creative thinking that Jo conceptualises and designs our clients’ collateral. She’s “great at multi-tasking which, in these days, is definitely a survival skill.”

With the company for 16 years, the best professional advice she’s ever received: ‘Work hard and be nice people’.

If Jo could pick one theme title for Isikhova Media to be turned into a book, it would be ‘Sheer grit.’

Jenny-Director Sales

Jenny Justus

Sales Director

Communication, fresh ideas along with a motivated bunch of colleagues is Jenny’s ‘go-to’ productivity mindset. Her focus on industry growth by working through and with people rather than at their expense, has given Jenny a solid and highly respected platform in advertising sales and strategy.

Her Isikhova Media book theme is appropriately, ‘Phoenix’ – which embraces Jenny’s ability to renew, reinvigorate and breathe new life into our clients’ advertising campaigns and media solutions.


Thuli Majola

Operations Director

Thuli’s favourite quote from Mark Twain “the secret of getting ahead is getting started” is quite fitting considering she like the author, is an entrepreneur in the publishing and media fields.

Her productivity ‘go-to’ of seeing friendly faces daily, echoes her own welcoming, warm and positive attitude in life and in work. With Isikhova Media for 16-years, her best piece of professional advice: “Never give up in life and always stay positive”. Thuli’s incredible memory when it comes to clients and info we all need at her fingertips is remarkable – she’s our very own in-house ‘Google’!


Adri Viviers


A natural night owl and reluctant early bird, Adri is a super-multitasker, successfully balancing her almost 15-year editorship of SA Jewellery News with family life. She is energised by her colleagues describing them as “a source of creativity and inspiration”.

Her first piece of writing was an interview with Jenna Clifford who complimented Adri on her purple aura – which relates to Adri’s innovative thoughts, progressive ideas, and open-minded insights she brings to our team.

Ian-media specialist

Ian Starnes

Media Specialist

‘Starnesky’ – one of Ian’s nicknames – keeps close the great Walt Disney’s inspirational quote “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” And never a truer word was spoken when it comes to his dedication and enthusiasm as a sales media specialist.

How high can one go is an onward and upward trend with Ian and echoes his thrill of skydiving! Having said that, he does quip “reaching too far sometimes pulls muscles!” His survival skills: being able to ‘vasbyt’ (keep-going).

lamees-media specialist

Lamees Mahomed

Media Specialist

The speed at which our media specialist Lamees functions and keeps her head above water – no matter what – is akin to many high-speed sports she enjoys including jet-skiing and bikes.

The same balance needed to succeed at these is reflected in that of her family and work. One of Lamees’ life highlights is skydiving – so little wonder determination, enthusiasm and commitment are her ‘buzz’ words.

“Never giving up or become discouraged” keeps Lamees reaching for the stars but her feet on the ground – mostly!

lori-media specialist

Lori Zavattoni

Media Specialist

‘Team spirit’  embracing camaraderie, co-operation and collaboration, play a significant role in Lori’s productivity and energised work approach with the team and clients.

Of course, her daily morning exercise routine goes a long way to toning and shaping Lori’s healthy sales skills and positive attitude!

Perseverance, hard work and dedication are part-and-parcel of her mental fitness. Of Italian decent, it comes as no surprise that Lori loves food and has run an Italian restaurant for friends – dealing with people comes naturally. Bring on the Tiramisu Lori!

alice-editorial doyen

In Memoriam

Alice Weil

14 March 1919 – 17 July 2020

Always and forever our Editorial Doyen and priceless ‘Little Gem’

Alice was without a hint of a doubt, the most loved and adored, admired and respected international and national watch and jewellery icon, industry ambassador, editorial doyen and the rarest of our precious gems.

Her contributions to us and SA Jewellery News are absolute treasures. She revered putting her heart and soul into everything she did. And this being one of her life principles, she retained unyielding respect and love from her global colleagues and clients.

Her greatest survival skill she often said was “keeping her mind occupied”. Her greatest influence was her father, and we know just how phenomenally proud he would have been of her. Alice’s soft nature, wicked sense of humour, curious and encyclopaedic mind, made her a shining example of her profession. She continued to be an early bird and welcomed every day with “a heartybreakfast” – sunny side up” she always quipped.

Alice remarked the one trend she’d like to have seen make a comeback was the 1920s. Alice, wherever you’re sprinkling your diamond dust we know you are dancing the Charleston with a lovely glass of ‘giggle water’.


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